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Best Tips for Travel to India


Are you planning to India? I can guarantee you are more than excited because the country has so much to surprise you by large. However, if you are going for the first time, you may need some tips and advice as they can help you to have the best experience traveling in India.


Let’s dive in:


  • First, you need to book your ticket. You may look for many deals and discount offered by several Airlines. I hope you book the ticket to India as per your budget.

  • If you are a foreign national, you need to apply for Indian visa online. Without a visa, you cannot get an entry in India.

  • You must opt for travel insurance as insurance has become the need of every part of our life. So travel insurance is also necessary for a safe journey.

  • You can get an Indian SIM card if you have an unlocked phone.

  • You can roam everywhere in India, but don’t miss to travel most significant places such as Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Kashmir, Goa beaches, and Kerala waterfall.

  • Your travel plan to India must be according to the weather as there is a diverse weather condition,

  • So if you visit any place where it is raining, it might be a waste of your journey.

  • Indian food is very spicy so be careful while eating every bit otherwise, it may lead a swirling stomach.

  • Be wary of fraudster and scammer as there are many who are just chasing tourist. They may offer you an Indian tour deal. So don’t get trapped in their fraud.

  • India is a country of Temples, Mosque, Church, and Gurdwara. Whenever you go to these places, be careful of what you dress because these places require you dress modestly.

  • India is a country full of transports including trains, buses, auto rickshaws, and metro. You must have an idea about the transportation to experience the beauty of India.

This all, I can suggest you guys while you are planning an Indian trip. If you want any special tips regarding travel, let me know in the comment.

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